Lemongrass and Chilli Chicken Soup


First make the broth…


  • A few celery stalks
  • A few asparagus stalks
  • Sliced ginger
  • A couple garlic cloves
  • One red chilli sliced in half
  • One stick of lemongrass
  • 2 bay leaves
  • Half a white onion
  • 2 chicken breasts (on the bone if possible)

Saute the onion, celery, asparagus and garlic for a couple minutes in some olive oil in a large pot. Add the chicken and saute for one more minute. Add the remaining ingredients,  and cover with water (you can add a chicken stock cube if you want). Bring to a boil, lower the heat, cover, and allow to gently simmer for at least 2 hours.



While the broth is simmering, fry up some additional veggies for the soup (mushrooms, spring onion etc.) in a frying pan until slightly burnt, then set aside.


After you’ve simmered the soup for at least 2 hours, remove the celery, onions, bay leaf, lemongrass, garlic, ginger and chilli and disgard. Remove the chicken breasts, tear into strips and chunks and and set aside (refrigerate until just before you’re ready to serve the soup)

Add 1/4 to 1/3 basmati or wild rice to broth and simmer for another 30 mins or so.

When you’re ready to serve, add the chicken and bring to a boil, add fried veggies and stir in.

Serve piping hot




Roast Chicken and Superfood Salad





  • Roasted chicken breast, sliced
  • Sliced ripe avocado
  • Toasted and spiced chickpeas*
  • Chopped spinach
  • Blood orange segments
  • Pomegranate seeds
  • Chopped mixed fresh herbs (mint, parsley etc.)


Combine a tablespoon of tahini with some plain greek yogurt, honey, lemon juice and olive oil. Season with salt and pepper and pour over the salad.

* For the chickpeas: open the can, drain, and if there’s time, peel the chickpeas removing the thin film coating each of them. Dry toast in a small frying pan on medium-high heat, seasoning with salt, pepper, paprika, powdered garlic and onion etc. or come up with your own spice mix. Once slightly golden and fragrant, remove from heat and allow to cool before adding to salad.

Orange Chicken Saffron and Fennel Salad




-Very thinly shredded fennel bulb, ideally cut on a mandolin or with a very sharp knife
-Thinly sliced red chilli
-Some baby spinach leaves
-Refreshed with a squeeze of lemon juice
-2 roast chicken breasts: smother in olive oil, salt and pepper; lightly grill on a griddle pan (if possible, or frying pan) for 2-3 minutes on each side to get char marks; transfer to a roasting tray and cooked for 15-20 minutes at about 350 until cooked right through; cool down; lightly tear off pieces and add to salad.



Drizzle with an orange saffron syrup dressing. Get  this started before roasting the chicken. Trim the top and bottom off an orange and cut it into 6 wedges. Put the orange into a saucepan with 1/4 cup of honey,  a tablespoon of vinegar (white wine or cider) some saffron threads and just enough water to cover the oranges.

Bring to a boil and simmer on low for almost an hour or until you have about 3 tablespoons worth of syrup.

Pour the syrup and orange peels into a food processor and blitz till you have a smooth runny paste. Taste, add more honey or some sugar if it’s too bitter but it should be a little bitter. It’s not ready to drizzle on the chicken and salad.


Top with some torn fresh herbs like flat leaf parsley, mint, coriander or basil


Roasted Pomegranate Chicken and Three Rice Salad



-Chicken breasts, marinated in olive oil, lemon juice, pomegranate molasses (if you can access some), salt and pepper and roasted in the oven until fully cooked and juicy, torn or sliced.

-1/3 cup cooked wild rice
-1/3 cup cooked basmati rice
-1/3 cup cooked brown rice

-Chopped fresh parsley
-Chopped fresh mint
-Chopped red endive or radicchio (sometimes called chicory)


Olive oil, lemon juice, honey or date syrup, salt and pepper


Sliced lemon and fresh pomegranate seeds


Pimp my Greek Chicken Salad

The ingredients for this salad are best arranged in stripey layers inside a large shallow bowl or serving platter. Even if you switch up some of the ingredients it’s good practice with this salad to pick ones that are brightly and differently coloured for optimal “wow” factor. 


-Israeli couscous (also called “pearl” or “giant” couscous) cooked in boiling water, drained and kept warm in a covered pot if possible
-Feta cheese crumbled
-Cherry tomatoes, halved
-Cubed chunks of chicken, marinated in Moroccan harissa paste* and grilled
-Sliced red onion
-Chopped cucumber tossed with fresh mint leaves
-Chopped black olives


Olive oil & lemon juice and season with salt and pepper


*If you can’t find harissa paste, you can make your own using tomato paste, and a combination of your favourite herbs and spices. Make sure it’s spicy!